Edge of Excellence

At Sasvat, we have ensured a sustained level of quality results to the benefit of our clients and the state of healthcare across the country. Our experts understand your business to deliver solutions that match your needs and deliver the best results for your organisation. Innovating constantly has allowed us to introduce unmatched efficiency to healthcare processes and reduce the burden on caregivers. Our focus on providing diversified solutions to caregivers means we are on hand all round the year to support our clients and get the best of our services and products. We remain committed to drive industry standards to new highs and provide high-quality care to patients at affordable prices on our way to increasing accessibility to healthcare in India.

Focused Services

Manufacturers Have Much to Gain from Sasvat Having years of experience working in the healthcare industry has demonstrated to us the different challenges faced by various hospitals and clinics across the length and breadth of our country. We have successfully indentified how the needs of each caregiver are dictated by such factors as doctor’s protocols, safety standards and patient needs to name but a few. Recognising this spectrum of requirements has enabled us to develop and optimise specialised solutions of the highest quality for our clientele to choose from and in doing so we have enabled our caregivers to provide effective solutions at minimum cost to the benefit of the patients. We prepare solutions supported by lean management systems to reduce time and money spent on maintaining them in the long run. Our team of specialists work with clients to understand their requirements and prepare customised solutions designed to provide the best clinical outcome and achieve financial success.

Quality Processes

Quality Improving the healthcare set-up in India is best served by optimising the various processes responsible for their functioning. From improved contracts to incorporating lean supply chain management and more comprehensive quality checks, each process can be developed to generate the best results. At Sasvat, we focus on crafting innovative solutions focused on our clients to help them optimise their internal set-up by minimising time and cost, creating opportunities for improving healthcare. Our tech-enabled solutions are designed to handle the vast multitude of challenges faced by today’s healthcare industry, from tackling access to the right medical products to managing inventory levels effectively while dealing with availability and unique patient conditions. Inspired by the best of today’s technology, our solutions help clients optimise data entry and maintain efficient work flow and patient records, ensuring the best results.


Advocacy & Education in Support of Supplier DiversityTechnology has helped us advance considerably over the last few years, with quality IT infrastructure contributing to accelerated growth in the industry. Effective data entry techniques combined with a light, agile workforce, we have successfully optimised information flow within and beyond our organisation. We apply our expertise in helping organisations achieve maximum efficiency in maintaining healthy inventory levels, minimising wastage and obtaining the best rate contracts on the market to create an environment that fosters quality performance across the workforce and generate results. An in-depth analysis of our clientele helps us plan effectively and maximise our contribution to improve work and information flow. Working proactively with our clientele, we are on hand to ensure smooth sailing operations at all times. Sasvat remains committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that add another dimension to the business and create positive change for the organisation. Our dedication has ensured Sasvat remains a pioneer in the industry, laying the foundation for a bright future.