Our Story

Over 25 Years. One Mission.

At Sasvat, our 25 years of experience holds us in good stead as we make our mark on improving the health care set-up. Ever since our inception, we have stayed true to the vision of our founders, striving constantly to reach new milestones. Relying on the proven capabilities of modern technology, we develop products and services customised to fit every caregiver’s requirements, allowing them to provide quality patient care. Recognising the challenges of providing high quality, cost-effective medical products in India has merely spurred us on to innovate smartly, setting benchmarks across the industry. At Sasvat we aim to ensure affordable health care across the country for every citizen to access, spreading good health and happiness. With a focus on transforming lives, our organization fosters a healthy environment for our members, enabling them to give their best on all fronts and make a difference every day..


Pre-1880 AmericaSasvat, with its origins in the divine language of Sanskrit, means ‘Eternal’. Eternal dedication, eternal relationships, eternal progress. We strongly believe building relationships within and beyond our diverse organization has helped us deliver products that matched our customer requirements with the utmost efficiency. Operating in a challenging environment fraught with constant change, our organization has only grown in strength and expertise with each passing hurdle. Tracking the latest trends and technology affords us the opportunity to help our caregivers with operational excellence, so they can focus on what matters most – Clinical Outcome. Our focus on constant innovation has led us to improve product access, guarantee product safety and streamline the healthcare system at every given opportunity.


Our Vision

To make our world more happy & healthy by rendering products & services through simplified business mechanism that creates radical social transformation and delights every stake-holder..


Our Mission

Ever evolving with technology and innovative business processes to serve our customer needs in a user friendly way perpetually. Setting new standards in operational excellence resulting in profitability and everlasting to stakeholders’ value. Conducting ourselves in a competitive, productive and efficient manner with integrity to be scalable and achieve unending market leadership. Providing a vibrant and fulfilling work environment constantly for a passionate and empowered team.

Our Values

Service with Empathy, Trust & Respect, Ethical Practices and Humane Values.